About Us

The Uganda Organic Certification Limited (Ugo Cert) Is A Company Limited By Shares, Founded In 2004 By Ugandan Organisations Involved In Promoting Sustainable Agriculture And Environmentally Friendly Production Systems For Sustainable Livelihoods

Ugo Cert’s Mission Is To Provide Credible Certification Services In Sustainable Agriculture And Natural Resources Management For Better Markets And Opportunities

UgoCert Contributes To The Development And Strengthening Of Economically Sustainable Systems By Providing Affordable, Credible, And Transparent Certification Services.

UgoCert Actively Facilitates The Development Of Realistic And Acceptable Environmentally Sustainable Production Standards In Uganda And The Rest Of The World


1. Assure professional competency and expertise
2. Provide balanced representation by the board from different stakeholders
3. Have adequate human resources in place and fully documented quality system
4. Provide impartial certification services 
5. Offer organic crops and livestock production systems
6. Enable wild harvest of organic foods and agriculture products
7. Facilitate handling & recertification of organic foods by packers, brokers, distributors, wholesalers and exporters
8. Ensure credible market for clients
9. Raise awareness in the market on the need to have certification

Board Members

Mr. Longino Kyakora Masereka


Ms. Florence Nassuna


Mr. Samuel G L Balagadde


Mr. Julius Ssemyalo


Dr. Joseph Semakula


Mrs. Mastula Sseremba Nakuya